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Me & Pantry Retreat Catering cooks on the premise that food is fuel. All dishes are intended to nourish, each one rich flavour, created using holistic principals and served to inspire conversation.
While her focus is on retreat style catering NJ offers a diverse range of services. With over two decades of experience behind her she can expertly cater for any event & menu. 

Retreat Catering

All menus are designed especially for your retreat using the best locally grown, organic produce. Each meal is invented with the purpose of your retreat in mind. NJ's goal is to provide sustenance though wholesome, sapid meals.  

Event Catering

NJ's event menus are made to compliment your event, whatever that may be. Her diverse cooking style allows  for versatility - be it share style food or unique, thought-provoking dishes. 


Corporate Catering

NJ believes corporate catering should still have a personal touch. Her 20+ years of experience in the industry means she knows how to please a crowd while maintaining that wow-factor. 

VIP & Private Dining

NJ has a distinguished reputation across Sydney's fine dining circle. She has catered for high-profile celebrities, officials and corporate clientele at some of the most exclusive venues internationally. 

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